About Us

         As “The Young Opinion”, we are a group of young individuals who strive to express our unique perspectives to the world through this creative medium. We make it our priority to educate and empower young audiences and encourage them to display their talents and thoughts through opportunities presented by our magazine. Our team consists of youths with talents in a variety of facets ranging from journalism, photography to even various types of art. We take pride in being the next generation and try our very best to use the skills we have to spread awareness on topics, we as youth feel need to be addressed. As a group, we collectively feel, that no matter how long it takes and no matter how small each step, we will try to the best of our abilities, to make sure our voices are heard.


Meet Our Team

The People Who Made It Happen

Aarav Modi

Founder, Co-Head, Photographer, Journalist and Website Developer

Roshni Sen

Co-Head, Artist and Journalist

Siya Patel

Editor in Chief, Journalist

Jay Patel

Editor and Story writer

Dhruv Dave

Photographer and Website Developer

Riya Patel

Artist and Graphic Designer

Earagan Nimalan

Journalist and Website Developer

Sreenita Nair


Varuni Ramessar

Story writer

Anshul Modi

Poet, Graphic Designer, Photographer

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