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By Jay Patel

    As I put my palms together it felt like the whole world went silent, and just then a slight breeze erupted for my hands. As I moved my hands apart I felt a slightly stronger breeze wind between them. I then let go only to release a tiny gust of wind that disappeared after travelling a few feet. I then heard my parents calling me, ‘’Nick, dinner’s ready!’’ I sighed in response and then slowly started to walk back inside. I then heard a sound coming from my stomach and with a sigh came inside and ran towards the dinner table. 

I moved as fast as a bullet and almost fell off of my chair, once I sat down. I saw my twin sister sitting beside me. ‘’You know, it would be good if you fell once in a while, then you would learn to not run everywhere’’, she said. ‘’It's been quite a while since I fell, and I don’t think it will happen anytime soon’’, just as I said that I tilted my chair a bit too far back and fell. ‘’OUCH,’’ I yelled, as this happened my sister started laughing. ‘’Oh I thought that you wouldn’t fall anytime soon’’ she retorted. My mother then came running asking if I was okay, I told her I was fine. I sat back up and devoured the meal my mother made. After I cleaned my plate, I walked to the couch and turned the TV on, only to see yet another person murdered by a supernatural power. It has been 50 years since all of humanity has developed supernatural powers and criminals are running rampant, not to mention the number of people suddenly disappearing. After spending a little bit of time pondering about the fate of humanity, I turned the tv off and went outside to practice my magic. Compared to my peers and my sister my magic is very weak. I can manipulate wind, but to a very low extent, while my sister is nothing less of an expert at controlling the winds. Even though she is the same age as me, she can create large gusts of wind that push people back and even create thin blades of wind that can cut things. Time passed quickly as I was practicing my power, and before I knew it, the sun had set. I then slowly walked up to my room and fell asleep. 

The next day I got up quite early, as I had to go to school. I then got ready and quickly went down the creaking stairs. I went so fast that I tripped halfway. Grimacing, I got back up and ran even faster. As I went to the dining table I saw my twin sister, who was already sitting down and eating. As I took a seat, I glanced at my mother, she was using her wind magic to chop up vegetables, while she mixed the food. All of my family have exceptional magic, aside from me that is. I quickly finished up my breakfast and grabbed my backpack off the couch. “Finally” muttered my sister as she was standing at the doorstep. I rolled my eyes and started walking. 

As I walked I saw a pebble and started kicking it, until I kicked it so hard that it flew off into the street only to be run over by a car. I shrugged and then found another pebble to kick. I kept kicking rocks while walking behind my sister who was way ahead of me. I then heard a faint noise coming from behind me, as I looked back I saw a friend of mine, Jason. He was very far behind me, and in an instant, he was able to catch up to me using his wing magic. Just like Neah, Jason possesses exceptional magic. The magic that allows him to soar through the sky at insane speeds. Jason then started to walk beside Neah and me. ‘’Not even a, oh hello Jason’’ he said. ‘’Do you hear something’’ asked Neah in a condescending tone. Jason rolled his eyes, ‘’Well I don't want to be late for school so later’’ said Jason. He then proceeded to soar through the air. Well, we should get going too, said Neah. She then started using her wind magic to create large clouds. As we both set foot on one of the clouds, we started to ascend through the air and started to move forward. In a couple of minutes, we both reached school with not a moment to spare. 

When I reached my class I saw Jason, and then sat beside him. Our first-class was Magic Training, a class that I do not do very well in, to say the least. The teacher set up targets for each student. I tried my best to make wind bullets and hit the target. The bullets would only travel a meter before dissipating into thin air. All the students around me started to laugh after seeing my poor magic. Jason, on the other hand, used his wing magic to send hundreds of feathers at all the targets. After class ended I walked to my locker, only to see 3 tall people standing by my locker. As I went to get a closer look I saw them. These three guys are infamous around the school for targeting those with weak magic. I guess it was a matter of time before they started to look for me. As I took a step closer to them, the one standing in the middle glanced at me. He then took 3 steps towards me and slowly started to raise a hand, but before he could do anything, without giving it a second thought, I ...RAN. 

As I looked behind me I saw a dim hallway, I then dashed as fast as my feet could take me, As I gazed behind me I saw all 3 of them on my tail. I then took a sharp left turn only to run into a dead end. ‘’You three look like such nice people, right?’’ I said. ‘’We are nice people. That’s exactly why we are doing everyone a favour by beating people who have weak magic, by beating the useless.’’ The brute then was charging a massive amount of magic into his fist, as my life flashed between my eyes, I felt a large draft. As I looked beside me I saw Neah. ‘’Are you alright’’, she asked. I nodded, she then brought forth her hand and summoned a massive wind dragon, that brought chills down my spine.’’Dragon of ZEHPER’’ Neah yelled, suddenly the atmosphere got so thick, I could cut it with a knife. She then brought forth a huge dragon. It then started to move at incredible speeds, and knocked all three of the bullies very far back. The bullies quickly got up though and they all started to generate huge amounts of magic. My sister then summoned a wind bow, and in one shot was able to knock out all three of the bullies, ’’Gale Strike’’, she said. 

Multiple teachers then rushed down to the scene. As I got them up to speed. They were astonished. There are not many middle schoolers who can control magic to the extent my sister can. In this country, magic skill means everything. Those with high magic power can get better jobs, some people can even become magic soldiers, people who secure peace in the country. That is why I want to become stronger, I want to go beyond my limit, I don't want to be an embarrassment to my family. 

When school finally ended Jason and I walked back from school. Oddly enough we couldn't find Neah, so I assumed she went back home alone. There was a sudden quietness while we walked back home. ‘’It sounds so quiet don't you think?’’ asked Jason. ‘’I guess it does, you're probably overthinking it though’’ I said. We continued walking until eventually, we reached my street. I waved Jason goodbye and continued walking. Right, when I stepped foot on my street I realized something was wrong. On a typical day, this street is full of people either playing or coming back from school. I then started sprinting to my house at full speed, while running I tripped on a rock and scraped my knee, but I got back up and continued running and did not falter. When I reached my house I got my key and opened the door only to see, absolutely no one, everyone...vanished.

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