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2020 - Earagan Nimalan

This year has been different. Some people see it as a year to reflect upon while others see it as one of the worst years of humanity. As you know several things have happened this year. Things that are extraordinary and things you would’ve never expected. For example, a worldwide global pandemic is going around. On top of that racism is growing and in order to stop that people are protesting. Indeed this year has not been the best. It’s been sad and tough on all of us. But the young opinion wants you to see the bright side this year. With everyone in isolation, we are able to stay in touch with our family members more often and regularly. On top of that pollution has decreased from the number of people going outside. With protests going on for good causes like change and justice. However not everything this year has been the best. Australian Wildfires has occurred, many people have died from COVID-19 as well as the death of our inspirers and true role models...R.I.P Kobe and Gianna and the people aboard the flight. With so many tragic events occurring it’s important that humans stick together, stay together, as one race. Let us not segregate and divide each other. Let us not impact each other. Let us only help, grow, and encourage each other in such a time. We are one race together. Let us be that way. The Young Opinion wants you to know we have your back and are with you in these sad times. Man-kind has overcome too many events in history to give up now. One race, powerful and together. 

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