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All in the Illusions - Riya Patel

You have probably been told to never believe everything you see. As a kid, many people try to trick you into believing the existence of mythical creatures. Our oblivious minds would fall for the lies until we eventually figure it out. Magic, however, is a trick many struggle to solve no matter their age. It never fails to amaze our minds when we are shown a trick that leaves us clueless. But it was always just illusions. The play on angles and hidden compartments are done in a specific way to confuse our minds. Magic is about what goes on behind the scenes to make the tricks work. It is all about being smooth and careful about what you show to your audience. Sometimes they hide people in the crowd that work alongside the magicians to act as the pons ensuring shows go smoothly the way they want it to. In other words, magic was never real. From all the way back in 2700 BC when the first trick was presented to people which was the now well-known ‘cup and ball’ trick. Even though it may be an illusion, it does not take away from the amusement of learning a trick and showing it off to friends and family.

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