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America and COVID-19 - Omer

Back when Covid-19 started countries around the world had to start preparing for something quite unexpected, a pandemic. One of these countries that have done a poor job of handling this is the United States. Due to the lack of precautions, Donald Trump has contributed to the 3.43 million cases because of this careless mistake of not being prepared and taking proper action during the large spike of Covid-19. As of now the cases are increasing but not as fast as before. The way the United States is handling this pandemic isn't really good for the country as a whole. While the rest of the world has no trouble putting masks on for a few hours the United States seems quite against something that's important for their health. After this pandemic ends this will show how smart the people and the leaders of their countries actually are. For now, we must stay safe and follow the experts on what to do.

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