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Beauty and The Beast - Earagan Nimalan

Beauty and The Beast, a story we have all heard from our childhoods. People may see it as a romantic story, a philosophical story, a fictional non-realistic story, but out of that the Beauty and The Beast carries deep meaning and moral. The main moral is to never judge someone by how they appear but rather who they are. We see that in the story Beauty falls in love with the Beast even if he appears as a terrifying monster. She admires who the beast is, on the inside rather than the outside (his appearance). When we see an individual, we tend to judge and fit certain traits into their character depending on their physical appearance. For example, when come across a person wearing glasses, we may commonly see them as a person who studies a lot and can be called as a “nerd”. Not every person does the same about putting specific traits into a person based on their physical appearance. However for the people that do, it is important we remove this bias thing where we judge a person on their physical appearance than how they are on the inside. There’s so many instances in our daily lives where we just instantly judge someone on their physical appearance. By having this trait of regularly judging people on their appearance, after time when we encounter several people having the similar appearances, we would fit certain traits generally under the people having similar appearances. For example, all people who have glasses, study, smart and are nerds. In conclusion overtime we have general biases over a certain group of people who have similar features. To draw everything up, if we regularly have biases based on people on their physical appearances, we will only become more judgemental and rude and in a growing society where we accept everyone and don’t judge anyone as who they identify as, it is important we try to stop these bias thoughts of ours and be a proactive member of our world.

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