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Choosing Your Future - Janvi Patel

Everything we do today determines what will happen tomorrow or the day after. If you go for a very long run today you may feel tired tomorrow. If you study today, an upcoming test could be easier. If you leave something to need to complete today, you will have to do tomorrow. The last one, known as procrastination, is a big habit among many people, including myself. 

Currently, it is summer break for many children and I believe this is the best time to change habits like procrastination. You have almost all the time in the world to create a routine and some great weather to try many new activities. Writing down goals and keeping track of them is a good way to fulfill your dreams. You may have heard of bullet journals; they are great tools for people who like to draw, doodle, design, or be creative in general. You don’t have to get a fancy bullet journal, you can also use a simple lined notebook from Dollarama or even staple a few pages together. If you aren’t that type of person, use a device. Use jot notes to create your goals and add a little chart for every day of the month to keep track of them.

A simple change of habit and make your future better, but you have to try. Start a bullet journal or a list and see how much you change (for the good) and carry out by the end of summer break! 

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