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Do what you are told (in the Pandemic) - Aarav Modi

Updated: May 9, 2020

Hi guys!! This is Aarav Modi, Founder, Co-head, Journalist, Photographer and Website Designer. I love hobbies like playing video games, reading and listening to my music and this lock down to me seemed like the perfect chance to practice my music. Being at home also made me spend a lot of time with my parents and brother and we have lots of fun together. One thing that my parents repeatedly say to me is to do what you are told. I do my best to follow that (even though sometimes I don't), but when I see the people protesting against the lock down in hundreds, my mind starts to think. When the government suddenly started to shut down stores and put new laws into place, I know that there was mass confusion and panic. I understand that because my family also panicked a little too. But the mere fact that thousands are protesting against this, just because of their jobs? This shows that they care more about their money then their health. By going outside and protesting, you are only going to delay this more and the situation won't go back to the same for many more months. What is happening also affects the future generation. Many students aren't getting the same education and help that they need at home. Before going out to protest, think about how many lives you will affect, including your own. This is why you should do what you are told.

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