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Equality - Earagan Nimalan

Hello everyone, it’s me Earagan. On this blog, I want to mention and talk about one topic in particular…Equality. Equality is the trait of where everyone is treated equally being fair and just. In today’s society we can see clearly that society lacks equality. How do I know that society lacks equality? Not just one by several people have lost their lives due to the lack of equality. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery are all innocent people who lost their lives because of one reason...the views and perspectives of how us humans see each other. The Young Opinion specifically wants to point out that a society that is composed of Equality is a society that every person should aspire for. We cannot let these killings, murders, unjust acts continue to just occur with no actions taken upon against. Every person in today’s world should be perceived as equal to one another, treated equally, and accepted equally.

The youth of today should not be scared of how they will be treated in the future because of their differences. In fact, no one should be scared. Society is inclusive, resilient, accepting, developing, smart, proactive, considerate and so much more. Let these key aspects define society. We must not segregate ourselves by looking at our skin colour, our gender, our beliefs. Humanity stands as one and fights as one. If we continue to divide ourselves continuously again, and again, and again we will never move forward as a society. Each being, child, human should understand the full definition of Equality. If you are reading this blog, make sure that you, yourself are treating, accepting, and viewing every person you communicate with equally. Everyone, please… we cannot let history repeat itself for the third time.

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