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Exercising during Quarantine - Sreenita Nair

Hey, amazing readers! This is Sreenita Nair, a columnist for The Young Opinion. Ever since all of us have been told to stay at home our routines have been completely altered, leaving some of us to become nocturnal. But it’s definitely more fun than waking up every morning to go to school or work. Most of our schedules consist of sleeping until late afternoon and staying up till sunrise watching our favourite shows on Netflix. Who can argue with this, many of us have been dreaming to do this since we got our first homework assignment? I know I know all this sounds like a fantasy, but is this lifestyle really doing any good for our bodies? Exercising is a big part of staying healthy and keeping your mind and your body happy, especially in a time where we are not allowed to go outside. Working out also helps you feel confident about your body and provides you with a positive attitude. So here are some quick and effective exercises for different parts of your body.

Arm exercises:

  1. Push-ups

  2. Planks

  3. Arm circles

Leg exercises:

  1. Squats

  2. Lunges

  3. Side leg raises

Cardio exercises:

  1. Jumping jacks

  2. Burpees

Flexibility exercises:

  1. Shoulder rolls

  2. Hamstring stretch

These are only a small fraction of exercises that are out there for you to do. Another creative way to break a sweat is to dance along with a just-dance video or follow a Zumba workout tutorial. These exercises will help you keep your body fit and stress-free. An addition to your workout and a relaxing way to cool your body down is to meditate. Meditation can also help you deal with stress and negativity from other parts of your life and reduce levels of depression and anxiety. This ancient practice also helps boost positive skills like memory and awareness. Overall exercising and meditating is a great habit that more and more people should add to their daily routines. So get up and get healthy!

The links below are some great videos to follow for an at-home workout and cool-down! (15-minute beginner workout) (5-minute meditation you can do anywhere)

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Beautifully written article.. Really enjoyed reading this and motivated too :)..

Good Job Sreenita !!


This was such a good read Sreenita. You are right, exercising during quarantine is extremely essential since during this time that might be the only physical activity most of us have. It’s easy to give into a sedentary lifestyle. I will share this with my friends as well. Great job !!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


minal patel
minal patel
May 19, 2020

Awesome write up Sreenita 👍


Good one, Sreenita :)

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