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Gender Inequality in Work Places - Earagan Nimalan

Gender Inequality is a common issue in society which we can see in several different areas. Work places, politics, academic institutes, and maybe within our own households. In my blog, I will discussing and digging deep into the gender inequality within our working places. A common inequality we see within companies are the pay gap between men and women. Men tend to get paid more, while women tend get to paid less. Not only this, not all women in their work places are granted promotions even if they perform exceptionally. The reason behind this is that the idea and concept of a women taking leadership and giving commands over a group of employees is something that not many people like to see and not happen. However the idea of a male taking leadership and giving commands over a group of employees is something that seems realistic and legitimate. For decades women have been oppressed from having a source of education to not being able to chase on their interests. No human of any religion, race, skin tone, gender, culture, should have to worry about chasing their dreams because of how they identify as.

To understand why there is a pay gap between men and women, it is important we look at the background of things. It is very common to see men be in senior roles and ranks compared to a women. Another reason behind this is because women are commonly seen to take care of the house and children allowing them to only work a part-time job that is below what their capable of and with less opportunities to shine in. Not only this but many women choose to work in low paying roles and sector because of their flexibility which allows them to both take care of the house and children but also work and receive an income.

Another inequality we see through work places are how women are ultimately seen as people that are not capable of jobs which men are typically seen good at. Some examples of these jobs which men dominate and women don’t are loggers, fishing, mining, roofers and etc. Any gender should be allowed to pursue any career of their choice and bias statements should never impact their decision.

As a youth using The Young Opinion as a platform to display how the youth feels about specific issues, we believe that in the future and generations to come we have to eliminate all gender biases for men, women, LGBTQ+ people and ultimate any human who identifies as whatever race, religion, culture, age, gender, and others. The future is something we should aspire for. Meaning we need to create a future that’s better than the present. A future where everyone in the world can do anything of their choice and interest with no one and absolutely no one impacting their decision.

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