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Hindu Lives Matter - Vidhi K

Hindus have always been oppressed, and that too, for centuries! We have quietly suffered white supremacy, colonization, forced conversions and so much more. Not only that, but we were constantly attacked by the British, Portuguese, moguls, and the french over the past centuries. The number of Hindus killed by Islamists is over 400 million. But the problem is, that it’s still going on!

Very few people have spoken up about this, but now is the time that we should all come together and stand up for our own rights.

There have been many hate crimes against Hindus, these are a few incidents:

Nikita Tomar

  • Tauseef, the killer, introduced himself as Rahul (a common Hindu name) to Nikita and harassed her for almost three months

  • Tauseef wanted to marry Nikita and forcefully convert her to Islam

  • She finally pressed molestation charges against him on October 25

  • She stopped accepting calls and blocked him on everything

  • On October 26, she was shot dead right in front of the college she went to by Tauseef

Munger Killings

  • Munger police executed Hindus in front of the Durga idol (significant goddess in Hinduism) in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh

  • The police basically attacked innocent devotees who were doing nothing but following their beliefs

  • Many terrifying pictures have been taking from this incident that brought me to tears

  • This situation is so similar to BLM

Hindus in Pakistan

  • Nagarparkar is the last remaining Hindu majority Taluka in Pakistan

  • A temple in this region was vandalized and the idol of a significant goddess was destroyed after the prayers of Navratri

  • These attacks obviously tell us that they want to get rid of the last remaining Hindus in Pakistan

How can you help?

  • Educate

If you are an activist, care about equal rights or just human rights in general, you can’t ignore this genocide against the world’s last and largest ancient community. In 2020, you need to be aware of the lies and what’s actually true, meaning that YOU need to educate yourself by finding independent, correct sources. Indian news channels are recommended, though, many are biased.

  • Spread Awareness

Benevolent organizations like BLM, LGBTQIA+ and many religious organizations get massive fundings, yet people barely even know about HLM. I’m not saying anything against any of these causes, it’s just that if our generation can speak up about BLM and the environment then we can also bring awareness about this massive genocide. It’s literally just about basic human rights! I myself support things such as BLM, anti-islamophobia, the LGBTQIA+ community, and I’m just telling you to bring awareness about HLM, as not many people know about this. Don’t pick and choose who you want to stand up for, be informed not opinionated.

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