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How 2020 Schooling is Going to Look Like for Students - Earagan Nimalan

As the summer comes to an end the new academic year begins, it is ultimately important that The Young Opinion keeps everyone informed about how this new schooling with major adjustments after the significant impact of the pandemic is going to look like for and on students. So far in Ontario, Canada we know that (especially the Peel District School Board) students have the choice to choose between in person schooling and online school. Of course we know both options carry forward both cons and benefits however the new schooling with adjustments caused by COVID-19 has a lot of things to consider despite being online schooling or in person schooling. The possibility of students to achieve high grades, high marks, and other things will be decreased. Students taking online classes and in person schooling may not be able to have constant communication with teachers in order to gain feedback and develop due to the protocol measures in effect (not guaranteed). On top of this, it may be hard for in person schooling students to wear a mask, the entire day and keep up with the active and strict protocols such as maintaining a distance between peers, washing hands regularly, putting on hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, and etc. Certain and helpful resources that can benefit students have the possibility of being eliminated such as the library. A book can be touched by numerous students, borrowed and returned. It’s a matter of how we can completely prevent the possibility of the virus to be passed on to other students through books and pages. In addition, teachers won’t be able to teach and provide a complete and fulfilling learning for children as the time that teachers spend with children is decreased and for districts following the “quadmester” where the semesters are divided into 4 semester and each semester is only 10 weeks, while before semesters would be up to 5 months. COVID-19 had a significant impact on the world and the world has adjusted to the virus developing protocols and plans, but it’s just a matter of time before we see how this new schooling affects students and how the virus affects people. Opening a possibility for a 2020 V2 (second wave). However until then, this is yours truly, Earagan Nimalan part of The Young Opinion.

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