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How has the coronavirus impacted our Social, Personal, and Economic life? - Vidhi

Almost over 7 months ago, news from China surfaced, talking about a deadly virus held responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths to this day. However, the coronavirus has impacted many, many aspects of our life. From our social to personal to our economic life, everything has changed in somewhat way. Here’s how:

Social Change

As many of you already know, we are not supposed to go out regularly, and we can only do that to fulfill essential needs, such as groceries, exercise, or medical care. We should be staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks, and maintaining proper social distancing when going out. Huge public gatherings are also kind of banned, due to the stay at home order. Although, 5-10 people meeting up is fine if proper social distancing rules are maintained. Many festivals and celebrations have been cancelled, and most bars/restaurants only offer take-out or delivery. Moreover, we are also not expected to travel unless it’s extremely urgent. This will probably be the new normal for at least 2-3 years, or until a cure has been found.

Personal Change

Our hygiene has changed significantly as hand sanitizer sales have increased by 73% according to Nielson’s data, which covered a four week period that ended on Feb. 22, which probably means that the sales are higher by now. Adding on, many people had anxiety and fear regarding this whole situation. Many were just scared of getting the disease, while others were anxious due to a loss of a loved one, their job, or about the idea of online learning, as a lot of students were struggling with it.

Economic Change

This has been the worst economic fallout since the Great Depression. Coronavirus disrupted the economy at lightning speed, and it has been a crisis like no other. Unemployment around the world has reached unbelievable numbers, leading to poverty and lesser resources for the unemployed. Earlier in the year, many people started to stock up on food and other resources, which lead to high consuming rates, leading the prices to go up, and it just went around in a circle. This was even worse for people who didn’t have jobs.

All in all, the COVID-19 virus has had a tremendous impact on different sectors of our life. While quarantining at home, I had a personality glow up; I really got to think about many social issues and opinions. Nevertheless, quarantine has done and impacted various people differently, both positively and negatively.

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