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Human Evolution - Earagan Nimalan

Development, progress, change. 3 Key Aspects of human growth. Humans have completed and accomplished things that would've seemed impossible. For example, 50 years ago, it would've seemed impossible to communicate with someone that is a few kilometres away just by tapping a screen. However, in a modern generation that is possible. Humans develop overtime in incredible ways, for example, we now promote equality, justice, and freedom. To get to that stage it required change. Many people have been fighting for change which also includes Women. Who would've thought that humans would've been able to stay at home for the majority of the day in regards to COVID-19? There is saying that says humans are the only force that can destroy humans themselves. Humans are developing our world in incredible ways, without acknowledging the development we are making for the present is going to affect the future. We need to help the future, by making changes to development in the present. To be specific, humans are developing the world with non-renewable resources. It won't take long until humanity is completely reliant on non-renewable resources that affected the present, and the future. Renewable resources will become sustainability to the world, and that is what humans should also be seeking for. We need development that will guarantee sustainability and a green future, not a future that will guarantee a world-ending in a crisis. Humans have made significant changes. We have the facts, knowledge, and information based on how we should grow our future. We just have to initiate the change. Change can be however small or big, but before things get worse than they are, The Young Opinion is calling you to make the change. Now.

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