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I Promise I'll do it Later - Jay Patel

Procrastination is the act of postponing something over and over again. Although it may not sound bad, procrastination is very unhealthy and over time can lead to many problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. While procrastination may not start out as a problem, continued procrastination can be very difficult to cope with. This comes from my personal experience dealing with procrastination. Throughout my whole life, I have dealt with procrastinating, and although it isn't as bad as it used to be, I still procrastinate on doing some things to this day. You may be thinking, how can Procrastination lead to stress, anxiety and depression, well let me tell you. Procrastination usually starts out early in life but it really worsens as life goes on. The reason procrastination is such a problem for so many people is that completing long term goals is very hard for those who procrastinate and the whole scientific reason for why people procrastinate is that, the human brain values instant gratification a lot more than long term gratification. Let me give you an example, there have been many times where I set a goal for myself to complete in the near future, but due to procrastination instead of actually trying to complete those goals I often just watch funny cat videos on YouTube. Now that I have told you some things about procrastination let me tell you how to improve your procrastination habits. First and foremost reward yourself after you complete a task. This is an easy way to get more gratification for doing something. The hardest part about procrastination is actually starting to work which is why you should give yourself punishments if you procrastinate. Another way to stop procrastinating is to split tasks up; this makes it more rewarding to start to do something. Imagine you have to do chores, split your chores up and do them in small five minute bursts with a five-minute break. This will give you the motivation to finish doing chores, while also pushing you to actually start. Those were some of the ways to reduce procrastination, just remember it won't be easy to not procrastinate but with enough hard work, you will be able to get rid of this addicting habit.

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