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Make a Change - Sreenita Nair

Glaciers and ice sheets melting in Antarctica and temperatures rising globally, the effects of climate change, a natural crisis. Rapid population growth and human activity since the mid-20th century is the evident cause of the current warming trend that is slowly killing our Earth. To collect various types of information about the Earth and its climate on a global scale, technological advances like earth-orbiting satellites are certainly assisting.

Since the 19th century, the planet’s usual temperature has risen 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius). Primarily caused by an immense increase in carbon dioxide and other man-made emissions into the atmosphere. Of this escalating heat, the ocean has absorbed most of it, with the topmost 700 metres 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer since 1969. Ice sheets have also started to shrink near the poles. In the same time period, Greenland lost an average of 286 billion tons of ice per year between 1993 and 2016, while Antarctica lost about 127 billion tons of ice per year. The ice mass lost in Antarctica has tripled over the decades. Images show that the spring snow that usually covers the Northern hemisphere has significantly reduced and is starting to melt earlier. Our evolution has created so much damage but there is still time to reverse it. By changing our lavish lifestyles to a more considerate approach, we can give OUR planet a chance to revive itself.

Check out these websites to see how you can do your part.

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