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Morals Behind Shrek - Hereem Aziz

A common heartfelt film we have all watched during our childhood is Shrek. There are several important morals that you might have missed throughout the movie. Firstly, to recall the events that had taken place, in the beginning, the villagers in Wart Creek would frequently go to Shreks swamp to taunt and endanger him solely because of his appearance. He was an ogre that everyone would hate upon because they were uncomfortable that he was different from them, making them jump to the conclusion that he was both vile and dangerous. Next, the antagonist in the movie; Lord Farquard, was determined to marry Fiona and he was sure she would agree because of his wealth and his significance of being the king. He believed that he was entitled to being able to marry whomever he admired and he chose based on looks. However, the plot twist had taken place and it had shown that Fiona, the princess who was waiting to be saved from within the tower, had an alternate outlook. She was cursed and was human by day, and ogre by night. She was highly insecure about the way she looked because she assumed being different meant ugly. Although, her true friend donkey, was able to help Fiona find both inner and outer beauty. Finally, Shrek and Fiona got the happy ending they deserved by simply being honest and having pure love for each other. All in all, the morals in the film must be recognized as they are important in our everyday lives.

Multiple morals are seen in Shrek. The villagers that would go and torment Shrek with torches to try and scare him, because he was viewed as an ugly ogre. As well as Fiona, and her insecurities of feeling as though she couldn’t show her true self to the world because she didn’t like her appearance. However, what was eventually shown in the film was that our outer appearances do not matter. It is what is on the inside of the heart that does. Whoever it may be, how you treat someone will always be important. We cannot change the way we look, so we should learn to love ourselves and the only way people will cherish you is by having a kind heart- which at the end of the movie was shown by Shrek opening up to both donkey and Fiona and showed that he was more than what the villagers described him to be. Next, Lord Farqaurd thought highly of himself because of his wealth and value. However, he had a nasty personality and treated the ones around him as if they had no significance. Fortunately, in the end, he had a tragic outcome as he didn’t get the girl he dreamed of marrying, Fiona. The moral of this was that no matter how wealthy you are you shouldn’t assume that you are superior to everyone else, as it will eventually come back on you, always treat others how you would want to be treated. Thirdly, you should always acknowledge your friends because when you are down they will be there to help get you back up. For instance, what donkey did to help Fiona with her confidence. Ultimately, a true friend will always remind you of your worth, so it is important to have good friends and be a good one to others. Finally, near the end of the movie, Fiona and Shrek got their happy ending because they were both honest and loved each other. Therefore, it is important to recognize that to get your happy ending in your life you must have good intentions for everyone around you, and be honest as you would have no future regrets. Love will always be important, the less hatred you have the more at peace you would be. To conclude, Shrek shared multiple morals that should be acknowledged and used in your everyday life, since you would become a better person yourself and encourage others to be as well.

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