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Mothers Appreciation - Riya Patel

Hey guys! It’s Riya here, the artist and graphic designer for “The Young Opinion”. As you may know, today is a very special day, Mother’s Day. It is a day where we celebrate all that our mothers have done for us. Whether it be cooking for us, listening, or believing in us, they are always there to be your number one supporter. Moms do so much for us and in return get restless nights, and added responsibilities. However, Mother's Day is a time for us to thank them back for everything. Thank you, mothers, for your undivided attention, thank you for always taking the best care of us, and everything in between. The bond we have with our mothers can never be broken. We all truly love and admire our mothers, they have made us the great people we are today.

-Happy Mothers Day!

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1 Comment

Very touching. Well written, Riya :)

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