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My Stance on our School Reopening Plans - Vincent Yao

Recently, a lot of debate has sparked from the ongoing discussion of whether or not schools should open as usual in the midst of this virus pandemic. Some of us debate that online learning is the only way to stay safe, while others argue that it is not necessary for us to remain confined to our homes anymore. While there is still no definitive answer on which option is best, let us first take a look at the pros and cons of each of the choices.

In-school learning is much more immersive than online learning. More help is available, with the presence of teachers and peers. However, in-school learning presents a danger - a slim, yet still possible chance of catching the virus. Online learning, on the other hand, is safer than in-school learning, as physical interactions with others are much less frequent. However, you may not get the same amount of help, and individuals that have trouble staying focused on a single task may do poorly in online learning with no teachers regulating them.

Now let's look at our current situation. Students will be given the option to take school online or in-school. Canada's current plan for in-school learning is for schools to open several times a week for about 3 hours (or so I've heard). In my opinion, although in-school learning is less safe than online-learning, the strides that Canada has taken compared to some other countries that have reopened schools (i.e. England and America) are much greater and more refined.

So in summary, I think it's great that students in Canada can choose between online or in-school learning. There is no definitive answer on which option between online and in-school learning is better, but as long as we are making strides to make education as safe as possible, that is all that will be important.

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