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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle - Siya Patel

The Bermuda Triangle has always been a place of mystery, an enigma that we cannot seem to solve. The disappearances linked to this area have been a popular topic for years and with them, it is no surprise that some bizarre theories have surfaced to account for these incidents. Scientists and theorists alike are in awe, as no one has been able to come up with a reason and prove why these unnatural disappearances are occurring. Some have even gone as far as to say that aliens are responsible or that the lost city of Atlantis is located in the perimeter of the infamous triangle. Perhaps some of the more believable explanations are that of natural causes, things like methane bubbles which create craters on the ocean floor or magnetic forces, which may have been the reasons many ships and aircraft found that their compasses stopped working. A scientist by the name of Karl Kruszelnicki says that there is no mystery. Just an unlucky combination of bad weather and human error among other such reasons. Whatever your opinion may be about the issue, we can all agree that this mystery may be one of the greatest of the century, a secret we may never fully uncover.

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