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Nature Deserves Better - Aarav Modi

Nature surrounds us. We breathe it in, we touch it, we see it and we can hear it. Nature is filled with all sorts of plants or flora with all shapes, colours and sizes. These plants can be used for food, spices or just pretty flowers to display in a home garden. They provide an extremely important factor in all living creature’s lives; oxygen. Without oxygen, all life on earth would die in less than 15 minutes. However, to produce this key part of our lives, plants need carbon dioxide, which we breathe out after we inhale in oxygen. Therefore, we need plants and nature as much as nature and plants need us. Although the importance of nature should be valued as our first priority in our society, as of now it is not. We value the economy and the sustainment of our society more than we value the ground that we walk on every day. Most of our problems are caused by the fact that we do not take care of the world as much as we need to. One of the world’s increasingly large problems is climate change. This is caused completely by the lack of attention and care to nature. If we spend more of our time and money on taking care of nature, we can drastically change our world for the better.

If we immerse ourselves with nature, it can help us in many ways. Camping is a great way to get in touch with the environment and disconnect from screens and stress. Many people only see the cons of camping and not the pros. You can just rest and relax and most importantly, feel the stress melt away. The forest and the scenery in some camping grounds give off a beautiful calm aura that not many urbanized places have. There are also many active and exciting activities to do in camping grounds or near them. There are beaches, biking and hiking trails and much more. These activities vary between different parks. Nevertheless, nature is losing its beauty slowly and it’s up to us to restore it!

Photo by Anshul Modi

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