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Personalities - Eshal Khan

Imagine everyone was the exact same. They all had the same thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Life wouldn’t be that interesting and getting to know new people wouldn’t be exciting and challenging. Personalities are the uniqueness of every human and something that we should be confident about.

You might feel like we all are the same in a few ways and yes, your right. We all have common character traits and similar body structures. But, personalities are what make us different from each other. Personalities matter a lot to each person because it allows the person to be self-understanding so that they make wise choices and build-up for the future.

If we humans did not have a personality, we would kind of be like robots and non-living things. People are inspired by personalities of celebrities and if there is no inspiration in the world, we would be alike.

Below is a link where you can take a free personality test. Enjoy!

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