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Pizzalicous! - Jay Patel

Pizza is delicious, most people like pizza. Pizza can be found anywhere, even in the most remote regions in the world, pizza can probably still be found there, and I think pizza is the best food in the world. Yes, I know Pizza may be a weird topic to blog about, but if you really think about it everyone knows what pizza is, and most people have an opinion about it. Some people think its the best food in the world while some think it's overrated, but not many people think its flat out bad. Pizza is the food most people can talk about as everyone has eaten it in their lifetime. Pizza is delicious due to its flavour combination of cheese sauce, and dough, that is only the beginning. There are infinite combinations of flavours that can come from pizza due to its millions upon millions of different variations. Now that I think about it I think everyone likes pizza, some people may not like a type of pizza but everyone has a variety of pizza that they just love. A lot of people absolutely hate pineapple on pizza and some people love it, I don't really like it but I don't hate it. I don't really hate any type of pizza, although I love the classic type with cheese and sauce. There are also a lot of unique types of pizza, such as deep dish. I like pizza where the crust is very thick, which gives it a lot of space for cheese and sauce. Overall I love pizza and its variations, and I think that you can never go wrong with a slice of pizza.

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