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Pros and Cons about Distance Learning - Jay Patel

All schools across Peel District School Board are going to open in September (date is not yet determined), and all students are going to be expected to show up to school or take online classes. High schools will run on a quadmester schedule as opposed to semesters. This is done in order to reduce contact that students make with other people as much as possible. Secondary students will also be given the option to be enrolled in only online classes. There are many pros and cons to both online classes and in school classes. Although students who wish to go to school will only get to spend 2 hours a day for 3 days every week in school. With the remaining time being spent online learning. Full online learning will be similar to that aside from the 2 hours spent in school, those will be replaced with additional time spent online learning. There are many ways online learning will happen with one of the most common ways being video calls. Although there are a lot of jokes that happen during video calls in online learning, video calls are said to be one of the most effective methods of distance learning. A con about in person learning is that, students will almost always be in contact with multiple people and although the quadmester schedule is there to reduce that as much as possible, to fully stop students from making contact with each other is borderline impossible. All in all both distance learning and in person learning are both effective for certain types of people, some people enjoy the idea of doing things from home while other people prefer going to school, and although both distance learning and in person learning are both different they have a surprising amount of similarities.

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