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Sad - Svasti

Whenever you feel sad, you get either one of two options. You can keep going on the same path that you’re on, hoping that somehow change will magically occur and out of nowhere you’ll feel better, or you can try to pick yourself back up and move forward. The second option isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do though and we all need help sometimes, so if you’re feeling low right now, here are some ideas on how to turn that frown upside down.

  1. Watch funny cat videos on the internet

  2. Turn your speakers up really loud, blast some early 2000s pop, and have a dance party

  3. Play with a dog. It can be any dog. Just play with a dog.

  4. Make yourself the biggest Nutella sandwich known to mankind.

  5. Take some BuzzFeed quizzes on what type of Disney character you are.

  6. Stomp in some puddles.

  7. Make a Sims family and make them do the weirdest things you can think of.

  8. Dye your hair a super funky colour. Who cares if it doesn’t look good?

  9. Try some dumb 5-minute crafts and laugh at them.

  10. Go on TikTok, search up “frogs,” and look at all the cute little frogs doing frog things.

  11. Talk to people. Tell them how you feel, and just get it all out. Even if they can’t help you, it may get some that weight off your chest.

None of these will be an automatic cure for whatever you’re feeling, but sometimes we just need to do spontaneous and random things to make ourselves feel better, so here’s that. All of these ideas have been tested by yours truly, so knock yourselves out. And please, please, please remember to wear a mask outside. :)

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