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Sleep Deprivation - Jay Patel

Sleep deprivation is a condition or situation where someone lacks sleep. Being sleep deprived is not very good for your health, although everyone has done it at least once in their lifetime. Just recently I pulled multiple all-nighters in quick succession, the next couple days after I would consistently sleep for 15 every day. When doing all-nighters you must be very careful of what you do during that time as your cognitive functions are severely incapacitated. When you lack a lot of sleep, your memory function is impaired and oftentimes you get this feeling of fuzziness in your head. After doing multiple all-nighters back to back I have realized that more often than not the downsides of all-nighters severely overwhelm the positives. Some of the cons of all-nighters are that it is difficult to learn new concepts, forgetfulness, easily getting annoyed, fatigue, and moodiness. You may still be thinking why are all-nighters so bad, and why shouldn’t I do them. If you ever want to take an all-nighter to finish up work remember that you are going to be severely impaired that night and the next morning. Just remember finishing homework is important but taking care of your sleep habits and making sure you're healthy is much more important.

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