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Super Bowl LV - Aditiya AJ

Quick Analysis

The game was off to an even start. Both defences shut down each other’s offences. It looked to be a fairly close game before things spiralled out of control for the Chiefs. The fourth-down goal-line stand was the only time the run defence really looked good. The Bucs had multiple runs of double-digit yardage. Since the defence really had to key in on the run game, things were made easier for Brady. It opened up the play-action passing game and had the Chief's defence were on their toes for the majority of the game. Brady can exploit a defensive weakness better than any QB right now. He got three touchdown passes and walked away as MVP. The first half between the teams was marred by record-setting penalty numbers from the Chiefs. 11 penalties for 120 yards.

Mahomes made the Chiefs’ outmatched offence look a lot better than they actually were. He made some of the finest throws in recent memory under pressure. Barrett defeated the blocks from Remmers and Wylie too quickly. Mahomes did not have time to scan the field and let routes develop. He was basically on the run immediately after the ball was snapped on every play. In the end, the Chiefs surrendered 3 sacks, when it should have been 7 or 8. The Chiefs offensive line was very disappointing, but in true sportsmanlike fashion, Mahomes blamed himself in the post-match interview.

On defence, the Chiefs had no answer for Rob Gronkowski and the running back group. On offence, adjustments weren’t made and they probably could have gone to a no-huddle offence much sooner. Mahomes did so much to will this team to victory but there was just too much to overcome. He was throwing prayers up while being tackled to the ground and nearly making them happen.

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