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The Fight for Justice - Siya Patel

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Hey readers! The past couple of days have been nothing short of unforgettable events that will forever change our view of the world. After certain events of police brutality, hundreds and thousands of individuals all over North America came together to protest for change. Those who are not protesting on the streets, have been signing and sharing online petitions, or have been otherwise donating to different organizations to support the cause. A number of influencers have used their massive platforms for good, and have been encouraging their followers to show support in whatever ways they can. The #BlackOutTuesday was all over social media feeds on June 2, and was a way to educate the masses about the Black Lives Matter movement. Those who used this hashtag posted a black screen and committed to refrain from posting anything else that day, as a way of paying respects and highlighting new information that surfaced regarding the movements mentioned before. Do your part and sign online petitions or donate through, George Floyd Memorial Fund, Black Lives Matter Toronto,, The Bail Project and the #wecantBREATHE among many others. Feel free to share with us if there are any movements you are supporting that you would like to make known to the TYO and its readers. Until then, stay safe and stay positive.

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