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The Future is Now - Riya Patel

The future all depends on what choices you made in the past. It relies on the choices you make today. This state of mind is what constantly pushes me to do my best academically. Whether it be getting into a good college, university, or working a quality job. The tests we take today and the grades we get all lead up to our options in the future. High school grades lead to options for colleges, college grades lead to options for universities, and a good degree means more opportunities for you. But knowing this, we also should not obsess over our grades as it would be unhealthy and know that you do not have to pass every test you take. Another thing that motivates me would be finishing my work before it is due so that I have time, later on, to do what I like. If you get your work done beforehand, then you do not have to carry the stress and you can do whatever you want to stress-free. In conclusion, everything is connected, and it all starts with the choices you make today. Your future self is depending on you, so make it count.

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