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The Importance of Sleep - Hereem Aziz

Sleep is significant for every individual’s mental and physical health. While sleep requirements vary for each age group, most people need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. It is to ensure that the body will function best during the day as sleep is involved in healing, repairing blood vessels, as well as controlling metabolism and weight. Most importantly, sleep is essential for brain functioning because each person’s blood pressure drops allowing their heart to take a break. This makes the body release hormones which decreases breathing and relaxes the muscles. Ultimately, this process reduces inflammation. There are several benefits to sleep that would help to ensure your health in the long term including a reduction in the chances of cancer, depression, anxiety and much more. However, there are many negative effects of sleep deprivation. For instance, it weakens your immune system, causes thinking issues, and leads to weight gain. A lack of sleep will increase your risk of getting certain health issues in the future such as cancer, diabetes, and even car accidents. There are several ways to get some good rest. For example, reduce the amount of time spent on your device. This will decrease your exposure to blue light since this makes people stay up all night. You should also avoid the consumption of caffeine during the evening as it will increase your body’s energy levels but it is an unhealthy habit as there are no nutrients and will create ramifications with your sleep schedule. Lastly, you should reduce irregular or long daytime naps because this will ruin your routine and prevent you from sleeping at night. In conclusion, a minimal amount of sleep is required in order to gain a sufficient amount of energy to get up and get going for everyone!

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