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The Mystery of History's Greatest Detective - Sherlock Holmes - Siya Patel

Hey readers! Now, I’m sure most of you if not all are familiar with Sherlock Holmes, the eccentric, but bright detective famous for solving impossible mysteries. Over the years, the characters have changed quite a bit, with different versions came a variety of looks and character traits. It will come as a surprise to many, that some of the items we consider a staple to the Sherlock look, never really existed in the original. The writer of this famous series Arthur Conan Doyle, never penned the famous phrase, “Elementary, my dear Watson” nor does Holmes always use deduction. In the original books, he often speculated, guessed and was even wrong in his assumptions from time to time. The pipe, cape and stalker cap which we associate with him, were also imagined by others. So remains the mystery. Who was Sherlock Holmes? The answer is simple, because of the centuries of adaptations that the tale had gone through, he has become a palimpsest, a character based on an earlier text and altered with each growing interpretation. This brings us to a conclusion. With every new story, will appear a new Sherlock, slightly different from the last but still the one and only, Sherlock Holmes.

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Prapti Brahmbhatt
Prapti Brahmbhatt
May 25, 2020

Hey Siya, I really love this blog that you wrote. It's very detailed and nicely written.

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