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The Philosophy of Photography - Sreenita Nair

During this time in quarantine, I have decided to revisit some of my old interests, one of them being photography. I have always loved taking pictures since it allowed me to capture an amazing memory or emotion in a single image. This effortless way to capture memories and events is also an excellent method of having some fun. By either snapping some pictures of local wildlife or just photographing everyday items is a great and amusing way to look at life through a brand new lens, literally! Besides, research has shown that teaching yourself the skill of photography helps the brain improve your memory. Furthermore, with additional components like the science of light and the technology of a camera, there is always more to learn in taking a photograph. Most importantly this particular style of art allows us to enhance and hone our creativity. This form of creativity allows people of all ages to test their boundaries and experiment with their styles. Using this thrilling artistic experience as an outlet may also give some people a technique to balance their stressful and demanding lifestyles.

After some practice, time, and experimenting with various trends you will be able to find your personal style. Some examples include fashion photography, sports photography, architectural photography and some that don’t fit labels at all. Travelling around the world and meeting new people are some of the other amazing add-ons to this art.

Think outside the box and allow yourself to come up with wondrous new ideas, some may work, some may not but either way, it will all be a learning experience. Challenge the limits, break them and see what you can achieve!

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