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Uighur Muslims in China - Hereem Aziz

As of right now, the Uighurs Muslims are being treated very poorly in Xinjing, China. The Chinese government is holding Muslims captive within detention camps and is attempting to expand these horrific ‘prisons’. At least one million Uighurs have been placed into more than 85 identified camps. However, the Chinese government had firmly denied there was no such thing going on, but it had been revealed that China only wants the world to stay silent relating to Muslim camps. When people started to question the government and confronted him, due to images of camp constructions with watchtowers and barbed wire fences emerged, the government attempted to brush off the topic by stating they were simply acknowledged as “re-education centers” for Uighurs. Members of the Muslim community who had managed to escape the camps stated that they were detained, interrogated, beaten all because of their religion. The Chinese government had no intention of “re-educating” Muslims. The point of view of the government claims that Muslims are an extreme threat to security, due to previous attacks that a few Uighur militants were responsible for. Ultimately, they are claiming that all Muslims are terrorists and are dangerous, this is downright racist. Solely, because of a few people's actions Muslims are being forced to eat pork, drink alcohol, they are not allowed to speak their language as well as many other horrendous circumstances. Their goal is to force them into giving up their religion and stop the population growth of Muslims. Sound familiar? Well, that’s because it is. The same act called residential schools was conducted by the Canadian government, they forced and oppressed Native Americans into giving up their culture. Soon, it was realized what a huge mistake was and how unfortunate it was for something like this to have occurred in the past. Therefore, we cannot let this get more out of hand and we must do everything in our power to ensure that history doesn’t repeat for a second time.

If you would like to contribute to changing the future for the better and taking part in shedding light on topics that are forcefully hidden away, then there are simple ways you can make an impact. Spreading awareness, supporting, speaking up, and donating are efficient methods you can do that could help tens to thousands of Uighur Muslims in China. The sites listed below provide more information on what you can do to help save humanity. Remember, it is 2020 and time for us to come together and help those who are suffering and in need of our help.

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