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What Moves The World : Physics - Anshul Modi (Grade 5)

Physics is the way the universe works. It shows the motions of each small particle of this world. You’ll see paintings hanging on walls because of gravity. You’ll see light because of photons, photonics. All of these particles have made the motion of this world. I think the study of physics is very important because you would know the way nature works. I found different theories very interesting. They all showed different aspects of one specific topic. All of the theories were amazing and were so similar that they started combining them as one theory. One of these duality theories was on quantum mechanics.

The quantum theory is founded by Niels Bohr and Max Planck. Quantum means a small part of this universe and mechanics, as in the motion of it. I was talking to my Grandfather, Prof Dr. G. P. Srivastava (physics professor) and we were discussing this theory and I found it very interesting. It was how they combined the two theories. A particle is a wave and a wave is a particle. This meant that the particles were in the form of a wave and the wave is in the form of a stream of particles. This theory was very important because it shows how each particle can work. After having a glimpse at this theory, I wanted to discuss more. I went on to the study of light generation, photonics. The quantum theory and the photonics theory were practically the same, they had the same dual theory. A wave is a particle and a particle is in a wave. Although, the only difference was that the particles were only photons. Photons come in different colors, violet, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, and red. They each have different wavelengths, and their lengths come in nanometers which are a millionth of a millimeter. I want to give a simple example of this theory which we live with every day.

The example is the sun. The energy produced from the heart of the sun is by light particles and heat, called photons. When the photons created in the solar core release, it transmits the light beam to earth. By this simple example, it reflects the theory of quantum physics in our daily lives. Stay tuned for more interesting information on physics.

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