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What Will Suit You the Best? - Sreenita Nair

The common conversation topic nowadays is whether you will be attending school in-person or taking part in virtual lessons. Whether you’re talking to your parents, friends, or distant relatives, you are sure to be asked how you plan on learning this coming academic year. But many of us are still very unclear on what the best decision is. To help you and your family decide here are some questions you can ask yourself that might give you a clearer answer!

Your daily schedule:

Students that are balancing other commitments such as part-time jobs as well as going to school may want to consider an online program that supports their busy agenda. On the other hand, flexible hours may not be as necessary for full-time students. So ask yourself whether a learning option with more flexible hours (online education) is important for you or is a learning option with more set hours a better fit for you ( in-person education).


Combining family into the mix of work, your personal life, and now school makes finding the perfect option for you that much more important. Your final choice should allow you to stay on schedule and spend an appropriate amount of time on the various aspects of your life. If you have younger siblings to take care of or other responsibilities around your house, online education can give you the flexibility to take your classes whenever you can. If you are not required to stay at home, then in-person education would be a more suitable fit for you.

Your learning style:

Online learning is provided through many virtual methods; Google Classroom, Brightspace, Google Hangouts, etc. Students and teachers will also interact with each other through email and video conferences. In-person education grants these same arrangements as well as in-classroom opportunities. Are you more comfortable communicating through online resources or do you prefer in-person interaction?

Health risks are also a big factor in choosing how you see best-fit learning this year. If you have a greater hazard of catching the virus, it may be the best option to stay home and keep yourself and others safe. Hopefully, by asking yourself these question you can come to a final decision on how you plan on learning this year!

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