The Mysterious Money Pit of Oak Island


Magic Chronicles Volume 1

By Jay Patel

    As I put my palms together it felt like the whole world went silent, and just then a slight breeze erupted for my hands. As I moved my hands apart I felt a slightly stronger breeze wind between them. I then let go only to release a tiny gust of wind that disappeared after travelling a few feet. I then heard my parents calling me, ‘’Nick, dinner’s ready!’’ I sighed in response and then slowly started to walk back inside. I then heard a sound coming from my stomach and with a sigh came inside and ran towards the dinner table. 

By Varuni Ramessar

Ahoy, there mate! For over two centuries now, the promise of a pirates payday buried deep in a pit off Nova Scotia’s coast has lured schemers and dreamers from every part of the world. Every last investment put into finding the hidden treasure has only ever added more fire to the flames. The resolution of this mystery would not only change the history of the small island but could also change the course of the world forever.

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