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By Varuni Ramessar

Ahoy, there mate! For over two centuries now, the promise of a pirates payday buried deep in a pit off Nova Scotia’s coast has lured schemers and dreamers from every part of the world. Every last investment put into finding the hidden treasure has only ever added more fire to the flames. The resolution of this mystery would not only change the history of the small island but could also change the course of the world forever. 

There are many versions of the story but the most accounted tale of Oak Islands Money Pit is when it all started in 1795. The pirate who was deemed to have buried the treasure- Captain William Kidd- had an old crew member who shared the secret with a settler named Daniel McGinnis- that Oak Island was hiding a spot for his captain’s loot worth millions. This ignited the hunt for the treasure which would be prolonged for many years after but to no avail. Many hints lead to this tale being true, most notably the notorious Captain Kidd admitting upon his capture that he had buried an unspecified amount of treasure in the area. It is also understood that the years 1650- 1720, was the period of time called the “Golden Age of Piracy”. 

Over the years, many mysterious treasures have surfaced along the coast of this tiny island including gems, rings, the Knights Templar Cross, bookbinding, human bones and much more. Though none of these are sought to be the main treasure though, they are pieces of evidence that prove worthy of anyone’s time who might seek the treasure of the Oak Island Money Pit. One of the most significant pieces of proof was a slate of stone that was discovered with a strange marking- a code inscribed on it. For years, scientists have been baffled by the language written upon “The 90 Foot Stone”- the name given at which the depth of the stone was found. To date, the latest and most advanced cipher of the message is said to say “Forty Feet Below, Two Million Pounds Are Buried”. With that being said, however, the island is bombarded with booby traps, such as a flood-tunnel and a sacred curse that has been said to have been bestowed upon the island for many years now. It's as though the tunnel had been engineered to toy with men as they sought her fortune. The curse, which originated over a century ago, states that before the treasure is found, 7 men will die. So far, 6 men have lost their lives in an attempt to find wealth. 

Nevertheless, this dilemma has puzzled many and remains unsolved to this very day. Maybe the curse is true and is waiting to be fulfilled before and true treasure is found. Maybe the treasure was already found in secret with just enough bits and pieces left behind to convince treasure-hunters today that the loot isn’t so far away. Or perhaps, it is just within our reach and with a little more perseverance, it shall be found. Whatever the case may be, it was enough to attract many souls including major figures such as Franklin Roosevelt- the 32nd President of America. The data is promising enough to anyone who may try to seek the Captain’s riches and will leave you dazed. Farewell, fellow friend, may your anchor hold tight and your compass be true!   

SideNotes- (Theories): 

Shakespearean Manuscripts

 The 16th-century author by the name of Sir Francis Bacon was speculated to be the one who wrote Shakespeare’s manuscripts. Parchment paper that was found deep in the money pit allegedly furthers the theory that he could have possibly hidden them in the money pit. Sir Francis was also an initiate of the Knights Templar and is known for his experiments for preserving documents with mercury- which was detected in a bottle within the Money Pit.  

Marie Antoinette’s Jewels 

 Crown jewels belonging to Marie Antoinette may also hold a place beneath Oak Island as they went missing in the 1700s. Many think that these precious gems had safely made their way to the island. Rumour has it, that during the French Revolution, France’s last queen gave her trinkets to her lady-in-waiting. According to some, the woman had fled to Nova Scotia not so long after her gains. 

Ark of the Covenant & the Holy Grail- Knights Templar 

 Treasure is not always silver and gold, religious artifacts could be lying deep within the Money Pit. Many theories suggest that the Knights Templar might have secreted the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant. This theory still has yet to be proven but Knights Templar symbolism has been found on the island along with a journal entry from one of its members. These artifacts impose that they were in the presence of both treasures.   

Captain Kidd’s Loot 

 This is the most popular theory is that the 17th-century pirate, Captain Kidd buried his loot in the deep depths of the island. Many pieces of proof would suggest the same thing. Specifically, it's claimed to be 2 million pounds worth of riches that lie beneath the soils of Nova Scotia, Canada.   

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