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By Sreenita Nair

Chase Hudson, siblings Ondreaz and Tony Lopez, Avani Gregg, my personal favourite Addison Rae, and the queen of Tik Tok herself, Charlie D’amelio are the most popular teens on the internet right now. They have individually and collaboratively created some of the most popular trends on the entertainment app known as Tiktok.

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By Mehar Saini

During this difficult time, people must be aware of their mental and physical health. Having better physical health helps reduce the chances of mental health and symptoms of depression, while mental health can lead to poor physical health. To read more about taking care of your mental health, visit Earagan Nimalan’s article. Dealing with mental health can be a struggle; along with mental health, you also need to take care of your physical health. There are different types of physical activity. Physical activities include any form of recreational exercise, sports participation, cycling and walking; working around the house or even an activity like gardening. Physical movement doesn’t have to be a form of exercise, such as sports, playing or dancing; cleaning the house and carrying heavy shopping is all part of being physically active. But remember when being physically active, if you’re going for a walk maintain the 2 meter or 6 feet distance away from people.

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By Earagan Nimalan

 Good mental health is essential in our modern-day lives. Ensuring that you are mentally healthy is as important as being physically healthy. Mental health impacts you physiologically and emotionally,  affecting your social wellness as well. It is generally the healthiness of our minds. It decides our choice-making, how we connect to peers and others, as well as how we handle stress. Mental illness and mental disorders tie in with our mental health. Illnesses or disorders are not bad things that can spread, they’re not things that will control your life as long as you are taking control over them. Having an illness or disorder does NOT make you any different from another person. It’s not a disease or a virus. If you have a mental illness or disorder, it is suggested you reach out to a psychologist. Some common mental illnesses and disorders are anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder amongst many more. Ensuring your mental illness is under control is crucial through every step of your life. 

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By Sreenita Nair

NGOs are nonprofit organizations that operate independently without being overseen by a government. Most NGOs’ purposes are to address social or political issues worldwide. Some of the most popular NGOs around the world are Doctors Without Borders, Worldreader, Goonj, Thorn, and UNAIDS. All these organizations are driven to contribute to the greater good of the world. The organizations described below are this edition's favourite top three and explains how they are contributing positively to the world.



By Aarav Modi

COVID-19 this is one name that has shaken the world. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a coronavirus. Human coronaviruses are common and are typically linked with moderate illnesses, related to the common cold. “Coronavirus” belongs to a family of viruses that range from the common cold to more critical illnesses like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). This virus is believed to be originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China. Like many other wet markets across Asia, farmed and exotic animals are tied up or stacked in cages. Many are maimed on-site to guarantee freshness. The markets are considered breeding areas for new and dangerous diseases, health experts say, because the close contact between humans and live foreign animals makes it easier for viruses to jump between species. SARS rose from the same kind of market in 2002. In this case, COVID 19 is believed to be a bat virus as the structure of the virus is similar.



By Roshni Sen

   Human Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that usually cause illnesses like the common cold. Almost everyone gets one of these viruses at some point in their lives. Most of the time the illness only lasts for a short time. However, the new coronavirus called COVID-19 was discovered in December 2019 and has now spread throughout the world. As the virus spreads, we are seeing some people with mild illness, some who get very sick, and some who have died. This is a deadly virus that was issued as a world pandemic for the past month. The reason health officials are concerned is that the virus is new, which makes it hard to predict how it will continue to affect people. Researchers and doctors are learning more about it every day, including exactly how it spreads and who is most at risk. Numbers are continuously increasing with no sign of stopping. Currently, there are over  +1.3 million cases of Coronavirus worldwide. The highest number of cases is in the USA with almost 400,000 cases and Italy has the record of most deaths due to COVID-19  at +18,000. Canada has had a large increase in cases in the past week making it a total of almost +31,000 COVID-19. Canada still hasn’t reached its peak yet, health advisors say that it will get worse before it gets better and April will be a roller coaster. 



By Siya Patel

   2020 did not start as well as we all thought it would, and with the beginning of quarantine, sour moods are no surprise. People all around the world have been limited to their homes, stuck between the same four walls for weeks and weeks on end, with the same routine every day. It goes without mention, that this sudden change in our everyday life affected our mindset in a not so positive way. We might be finding ourselves procrastinating more than ever, and in most cases losing motivation to do even the smallest tasks. All of this can be changed though if we just fix one small thing, our mindset. Of course, what better way to do this than to engage in some exciting at-home activities!

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