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By Earagan Nimalan

 Good mental health is essential in our modern-day lives. Ensuring that you are mentally healthy is as important as being physically healthy. Mental health impacts you physiologically and emotionally,  affecting your social wellness as well. It is generally the healthiness of our minds. It decides our choice-making, how we connect to peers and others, as well as how we handle stress. Mental illness and mental disorders tie in with our mental health. Illnesses or disorders are not bad things that can spread, they’re not things that will control your life as long as you are taking control over them. Having an illness or disorder does NOT make you any different from another person. It’s not a disease or a virus. If you have a mental illness or disorder, it is suggested you reach out to a psychologist. Some common mental illnesses and disorders are anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder amongst many more. Ensuring your mental illness is under control is crucial through every step of your life. 

Mental illnesses and mental disorders are similar in more ways than one. If you do have one of the formerly mentioned disorders/illnesses, you do not need to fear. By talking to a psychotherapist you can help yourself  before it becomes more of a serious issue. Therapists are people who act as confidants, they are professionals that will help you mentally  They can help you overcome  the things you are suffering from. By talking to a therapist, they can help you on how to deal with negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and implement positive thoughts, feelings, emotion. By going to a therapist you are not a weak person. If you do not feel comfortable talking to a therapist,at least talk to a close friend or family member of yours so they can help you. To the people who are helping another person suffering through these hard times, just by saying you're there for them gives them confidence that they will overcome whatever they’re dealing with. 

If your child is off, hasn’t been communicating with you, and is acting strangely. It does not indicate they have a mental illness or disorder. If you are a parent and you want to ensure your child doesn’t have to go through these, spend time with them from Day 1. Spending time, dedicating your time, and using your time to help your child is essential. Developing a  trustable yet reliable bond between you and your child is key to parenting. I am no one to teach you how to best assist your child, however, you must know what they are dealing with before it becomes worse. The happiest people you know in this world may have to deal with the saddest things. Traumatizing events may seem like nothing from an adult’s point of view, but they are forever traumatizing to a child’s eye. Suicide is normalized nowadays, and that’s something that needs to be changed . Depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses do not lead straight towards suicide but as a parent, you should help your child overcome things. 

If you are an adult going through depression, get help fast. When a child gets sick they have nothing to fear as their parents will take care of them. However, when a parent gets sick who will they have to take care of them? Caring for every person who has shown you love and care back is without a doubt important. The last thing you want in this world is someone you loved dying because of depression. What you have today may not be here tomorrow, so every moment of your life should be spent wisely, either that’s helping a friend, an adult, a sibling, or spending time with your family. Life is given once so make it count. As Kobe Bryant says “Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise”. Never let one negative impact dictate the course of your life. 

Mental illnesses, disorders, depression, and anxiety are important topics that should be known about in today’s society. Humans help each other so never be afraid to ask someone if you need help and don’t look at what you are dealing with as a weakness. Look at it as something you will need to overcome. Several factors can cause these illnesses, but it is your job to overcome them. You can never overcome depression, until you have the mindset to do so, never give up….

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