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Daily Issues Women Face - Lauren

Women for years have faced harsh standards and rules that they were forced to obey. Although these issues are getting better, and gender equality is slowly evening out, women worldwide still face many struggles.

Since ancient times, women have had many struggles, such as not being allowed to vote or hold political office. Only one century ago was this rule changed when women were legally allowed to vote in several countries such as Canada, the US and the UK. Although this is excellent news, there are still many places such as Saudi Arabia, where women have very few rights. (CBC) “In these countries, women face obstacles against the most basic rights for a lack of education, to minimal political agency.” (Graziadaily) They are also not allowed to make significant decisions without a male’s approval. “Whether it’s due to religion, tradition or a lack of education, it’s all about women being subservient.” (Graziadaily)

There are also social issues that women face day to day, whether through the media or real life. One of the biggest being about reproductive rights. That’s right, in some countries, women don’t have the right to have an abortion. What if they don’t have enough money to support or raise a baby? What if they made a mistake and now there is no going back? The choice isn’t up to them, and according to most women, it is not fair. Although most men don’t see it, they hold more power over women. They face many issues as well; however, we need to see change worldwide, not just for women but for everyone. We need gender equality.

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