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Finding Your Passion - Siya Patel

Every day we hear the words, “Follow your dreams, do what you are passionate about.”, but what if you have no passion? It’s not uncommon to have this dilemma, a surprising amount of people struggle with it daily. They feel inclined to follow the masses, do what they are expected to do, not what they want to do because they do not have a clear goal in mind. There is a world full of activities, hobbies and other interesting concepts to experiment with, so where exactly do you start? The first step is to reflect. Look back at your past experiences and interests you have had and think about if there is anything you already love doing. Also, try looking into what topics you find yourself reading or researching about often, as they are usually ones that interest you, possibly ones you can pursue. If you manage to narrow it down to a couple of options, keep yourself informed and research, making sure you know all the facts before making a decision. You are not necessarily going to be a pro the minute you start, so be sure to keep practicing. Take baby steps and try different options one by one to figure out which you are most comfortable with. Most importantly, never give up. It may take days, weeks or even months, but in the end, it will all be worth it. Whether it be making art pieces or learning about history, your passion can be just about anything. After all, the possibilities are endless.

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1 Comment

Jul 01, 2020

Thanks for sharing this encouraging blog, this gave me good ideas to pursue my passion again, sketching!

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