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My Thoughts on Going Back to School - Aarav Modi

This heated topic has raised some conflict in my mind. There are many factors as to why we should attend schools and vice versa. However, the decision has already been made and what is now left is the hope and prayers that 2020 won’t erupt another time. Attending school was a good choice given how strict the schools intend to be and how there are designated days and hours for all the students. Going back to school was recommended by SickKids, a healthcare community dedicated to caring, treating and improving the health of children. The stakes were definitely high at the time when they announced this but people’s opinion has shifted quite a lot over the summer months. If we go to school, there will be an obvious vulnerability to everyone but this can help build strength in our immune systems to fight the virus. For the days we are going to school, we will only attend and be at risk for two hours which is a much smaller time then the whole six hours one has to be in school. Based on what was stated I feel like the way we are rejoining school this year is much more reasonable then how we traditionally do it.

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