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Power of Music - Earagan Nimalan

Music is sounds, rhythm, melody and other aspects all combined together to create what we call music. To me, Music means the world. To others, listening to music is just a hobby. People see music through various perspectives, and that’s ok. Music doesn’t have to be reading off a book filled with notes. It can be anything that you consider as “music”. There are several genres throughout music like rock, rap, hip hop, rock and so many more. However let us talk today about the amazing things music can do.  Music is an element that redefines how you feel and your emotions. Take this, for example, let’s say your really mad, listening to happy music can instantly change your mood. Yes you may still be mad but you’ll be a bit happier than last time. Another example is if you cannot answer a difficult question and you have no motivation to do work, listening to motivational music can make a huge difference. Music can really establish the mood for anything. A person once said to me, music is the one asset that you will always have. Just because you cannot play music, does not mean you cannot create music. Other benefits that come out of listening to music are that music lowers your stress, helps you sleep better, and some reports say it helps overcome depression. It also reduces pain. So many benefits and positive results come from music but the main message I am trying to convey, is music is so powerful to the point where it can change the way you see things.

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