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The Future of Coding - Hereem Aziz

In today’s society, it is evident that youth will become the leaders and change the future of coding. The future is bright for youth who are passionate about coding as several changes will be made to various professions. A specific occupation that is relevant and significant is programming. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the number of programmers is expected to grow at a rate of 24% between 2016 and 2026. This is a faster and higher rate than any other career in the country. The foundation of programming is coding which is an exciting method where you take simple instructions and translate them into a language that computers can understand. Technology will take over the world and learning how to code will allow us to program new technologies that we would interact with every day. Learning how to code at an early age has its benefits; it will help children with creativity, communication, math, problem-solving, as well as their confidence. This is due to the fact that each problem has its challenges, and you can attack the problem from different angles. Therefore, learning to code will help the youth prepare for the future.

Currently, as we all are quarantined within our homes due to COVID-19, we don’t have much to do. If you want to learn something beneficial, you should set your eyes on coding. Coding is not hard to learn, all you need is determination and hard work. You can start by learning the easiest code languages and when you have got those down you can start to tackle a few of the harder code languages. A few examples of code languages are Python, Java, C, Ruby, and more. Programmers are in high demand and grasping some understanding can benefit anyone. Additionally, high salaries and several business needs would be an excellent career move. Even if you’re not looking to become a master coder, this is a fun challenge that can expand your knowledge. Use this time wisely and learn something new!

The links listed below are a few sites where you can begin to learn how to code for free!

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