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Yemeni Civil War - By Hereem Aziz

Yemen is home to over 28.5 million people and it is located at the Southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Unfortunately, it is currently undergoing ramifications in its country. A brutal civil war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen has been ongoing since 2015 due to the failure of a political transition whose purpose was to bring stability to Yemen. The war has led to the murder of over 100 thousand civilians and has left 17 million of Yemen’s population at risk for famine. As a result, Yemenis are suffering the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the last 100 years as adults and children do not have access to the essentials they need such as water, shelter, and food. In every aspect, children are the most vulnerable when it comes to poverty as their health, education, and their survival are affected. There have been several cases of diseases being spread across Yemen, including dengue fever, malaria, diarrhoeal, and pneumonia. Ultimately, access to health care is difficult since both patients and health workers are afraid to speak out to the government since their lives would be at risk. Due to the spread of coronavirus, there is a huge possibility that it could wipe out Yemen from the maps all over the world. Thus, Yemen needs help as it is nothing less than a living hell.

We should be grateful enough to be living in a first-world country and it is our duty as a civilization to aid those who have suffered horrifying ordeals. It is morally right and necessary to do everything we can to save people who are enduring a lot. Many whom we cherish need our help! We cannot simply sit back and watch an entire country be removed from existence. You can help express your sympathy by donating money and signing petitions to raise awareness around Yemen’s crisis. It is said “An apple fell to the ground and Newton discovered gravity. Thousands of Yemeni’s fall and still no one has discovered humanity”. Take a stand for whats rights and help those in need.

The listed resources below will take you to more information relating to the Yemeni civil war, and simple ways of how you can help with this gruesome ongoing crisis.

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